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About us


Forging Success


Leader Automotive Group is a premier Two-Wheel & Tri-Wheel Manufacturer and exporter achieving its goals through continuous progress, team work and innovation. Leader Automotive also exports the tractors and agricultural implements.

We focus to ensure highest quality in reasonable price to meet customers’ expectations and to exceed them. We are committed to achieve excellence in automotive production and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our vision is to position Leader Automotive as the premier manufacturer of Two-Wheel and Tri-Wheel automotive products, along with excelling as an importer of tractors and agricultural implements.

We strive to emerge as a globally acclaimed competitor in the automotive engineering sector, exploring opportunities beyond borders and adding significant value to our partners and customers through relentless innovation and unwavering excellence. Our commitment extends to shaping the future of mobility with cutting-edge solutions and establishing enduring relationships built on trust and satisfaction.

Our Mission

At Leader Automotive, our mission is to pioneer technological innovation, delivering efficient and proven-effective vehicles for both local and international markets. We ambitiously pursue innovative product development through a team of experienced professionals, ensuring the highest standards of quality, performance, and customer satisfaction.

This mission propels Leader Automotive to new heights of excellence, fostering unique and mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders. We are dedicated to shaping the future of mobility with cutting-edge solutions and unwavering commitment to customer success.


We are consciously and actively engaged in conducting detailed analysis of all the variables for every product. Starting from the raw materials, which came from approved suppliers of repute, till the product reach the customer, our in house quality management system ensure that the quality policy is observed at every step, right from procurement of raw material to delivery of reliable and safe components and products.


As a quality conscious company, Leader Automotive is committed to meet with all national and international standards in our products. In recognition of our quality policy and strict adherence to specified standards in our processes, production, human resource, supply chain management, inventory control, IT and commercial activities etc, we have been awarded these quality certifications by prime organizations dealing with quality management and control.

Our Product Line


Stylish, Powerful & Afforable

Electric Vehicle

Eco-Friendly, Economical & Maintenance Free

Cargo Loaders

Robust, Powerful, and Profitable


Heavy Duty, Reliable & Increased Productivity


Heavy Duty, Reliable & Increased Productivity

Motorcycle Riskshaws

Most Economical Passenger Rides

Global Presence

Worldwide Reach, Tailored Solutions

With a solid presence in Pakistan, Zambia, and Tanzania, Leader Automotive is well-positioned for global expansion. Our unwavering commitment to excellence in automotive products has established us as a key player in these markets.

As we explore opportunities beyond borders, we are strategically planning to expand our presence into additional countries, bringing the hallmark of Leader Automotive’s quality and innovation to new horizons.